Proven to raise maths grades fast for all ages

Everyone is different, which is why ConquerMaths adapts to the needs of each learner.

No matter whether a maths lover, a maths hater, a 4 year old or a 104 year old - even if you seem genetically inclined to repel maths, ConquerMaths really can, and has in so many cases been the turning point!

ConquerMaths ensures mastery in every topic

The multi-sensory approach of ConquerMaths combined with the self paced nature of the lessons allows learners to master topics in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods.

  • By diagnosing weaknesses in knowledge, ConquerMaths helps to correct gaps that make learning more challenging.
  • The whole curriculum is taught using 5 minute video chunks.
  • Every concept is tested to ensure a rock-solid understanding.

Just wanted to say, thanks to ConquerMaths my 13 year old Home Educated son, has passed his IGCSE Higher Maths today!
Steph, Parent, UK

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Rose Horgan

It helps me with my math and is helping me prepare for my 11+ exam

Posted 3 days ago


Conquer Maths is the best online source I have ever come acrossed with, very happy

Posted 3 days ago


Easy to set homework tasks, that my daughter finds interesting and rewarding and where I can see how she's getting on and where she might be having a few problems. She tells me that the topics are closely aligned to what she's doing at school which is great.

Posted 5 days ago


Conquer mathsmade me happy because it has easy to follow lessons an it got progressively harder.

Posted 2 weeks ago

metan elmi

Everything is going according to the plan and I am very very grateful to them. And I will continue to use this site forever.

Posted 2 weeks ago

A proud student of year 6

It helps me practice for ks2. And I also get extra practice for class.

Posted 2 weeks ago


i Love it just like hope (my friend)

Posted 3 weeks ago

Leeann Lintern

I highly recommend this. My thirteen year old son has gone from being in the bottom set in maths to the top set, by doing just an hour a week on conquer maths for the past 12months.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Student Hope

I love it

Posted 4 weeks ago

Melat Gizachew

Conquer Maths has helped me a lot to become an independent learner. Without Conquer Maths I would not be where I am now. In my maths exams I get 100%. Thank you very much.

Posted 1 month ago

Derek Smith

ConquerMaths has made a massive difference to my maths phobic 9 year old, she covered the entire year 4 syllabus in 8 weeks after really struggling in school, now she is bombing through year 5, and has spent the entire day today doing it

Posted 1 month ago

Jean Walsh

I liked conquerMaths , but would have been happier with an English tutor not Australian tutor. My grandchild did not take to the lessons , but she is young. Will try again in a years time. Thank you J Walsh

Posted 1 month ago


I just love it

Posted 1 month ago

Alice Wright

ConquerMaths is an extremely useful tool. I have only just started using it but I have already introduced it to two of my students and they were really taken by it. The lessons are really clear and the questions and worksheets attached to each lesson are great.

Posted 1 month ago

Geoff Broom

I have been using Conquermaths as a parent (actually Grand Parent) for about 4 months now and as I get to know and use it more and more I continue to be progressively more impressed. I show my kids the maths in my own way and we go over CM worksheets together. I then send them away and put a task on the net for them to do. I like the fact that they can repeat a worksheet until they get it right . They are amazed that I can tell them exactly when and how well they did the work. The reporting of Conquer maths is outstanding and I can keep a complete profile of each of my ‘family’. Furthermore they love to get the certificates for work well done. Before CM I spent hours preparing worksheets. Now they just fall off the printer . I can’t speak too highly of ConquerMaths. I am a retired maths teacher so my retired status prevents me from using the program in a classroom setting so I cannot comment on its suitability in that area although I would love to be able to do so.

Posted 1 month ago

rob van dam

brilliant; just brilliant

Posted 2 months ago


thank you very much now i am good at time tables and when i finish school and can tell other about this plz send this.

Posted 2 months ago

o i will not

It was my scores and it was very easy so i was on year 2 and i am in year 2 so thank you for my lovely conquer maths so send it to me when i am in year 3

Posted 2 months ago


My whole family love it and we learn something new every day :)

Posted 2 months ago

Suzy Pala

I have to say so far so good, my daughter is loving the website. Aaron was especially helpful and was able to give me some really hepful hints and tips. I would most definately recommend this website to my friends.

Posted 2 months ago


I used to fail at maths but this website gave me a massive lift!

Posted 2 months ago